With Lesser Antillean Iguanas remaining on only a few islands across the Caribbean, it is critical for us to develop a more complete understanding of the iguana's population trends, threats, and the success of our conservation action on Statia before it is too late.

Through partnerships with local government, volunteers, universities, conservation organizations, and zoos we will closely monitor the population density on the island and determine how it is impacted by threats and our conservation action. Monitoring takes place through regular transects across the island. Learn more HERE.

We also hope to raise enough funds for a capture/recapture study and to satellite track individual iguanas in order to determine how they utilize habitat on St. Eustatius. 


Citizen science

Are you a citizen of Statia or is this magnificent island your destination for a holiday or family visit? You can help us out!

We work on the identification of the individual iguana and expanding our database of the existing population on the Statia. By collecting photographs of the iguana's head in various angles we are developing a population census. You can participate in building our iguana database! This is what you can do when encountering an iguana:

  • If possible take photographs of left, right and front side of the iguana's head.
  • Take a photo of the entire body of the iguana.
  • Body length estimation
  • Record the location (favorable using GPS coordinates).
  • Record date
  • Please send the above recorded data and high resolution photos to SOS iguana (

You can also submit your observations of Iguana delicatissima to us or For more detailed information please contact us.